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General Information

Business Contact Details:

Bits & Hobs Yarns & Fibres,

13 Henry Street, Eckington, Sheffield, Derbyshire, UK, S21 4DF  



Parcels are sent via Royal Mail, with various options at checkout for first, second and signed for dependent on the cost of your order.

Seconds Quality:

These items are lower in price due to the dye spreading or splatters being where they shouldn't, or a knot join in the yarn. The fibres themselves are not affected.


Can I machine wash my yarn?

I always recommend hand washing wool items, however superwash wools will tolerate a 30 wash in your machine. I am not responsible for any changes in the yarns structure after washing.

Why is my yarn turning my fingers blue/bleeding when washed?

I ensure my yarn rinses clear after dyeing, but I use no detergents or soaps, this means when they are washed with soap sometimes alittle residual dye can bleed away, one wash should be enough to get rid of any excess, but if the bleeding continues please contact me so I can fix things for you! If your fingers are changing colour to match your yarn while working with it, again it is likely to be excess dye which after a hand wash with soap should fix the problem.

Do you dye customs?

I do! You will find my in stock bases for custom orders under the customs tab in the shop. If you require a different base please send a message to discuss your requirements to

I have never used yarn from a hank before, what do I do?

When I send out yarn it is still a skein, it will need winding before you can use it or it will end up quite a knotty mess! There are plenty of videos on youtube which can help you wind (or cake) your yarn.

Can you dye some more of 'Yarn' as I have run out?

I can nearly always repeat a colour way, however, it is highly unlikely it will look the same as the skein you received, such is the way of dyeing, therefore I cannot be responsible for colour differences. 

For wholesale enquiries please email me at