About the Yarns

Let's talk about yarn...

So there are tons of different blends, structures, textures and uses but I am going to focus on those which I dye and stock.

First, we will start with structure and my favourite, high twist yarn. High twist yarn is a good, resilient and reliable yarn. It is less likely to pill and bobble up due to the tighter levels of twist the fibre is put under. This also helps create a strong yarn with plenty of stretch and bounce without the need for nylon. The tight twist stops the yarn being hairy and gives a smoother look and feel, it also creates a more water repellant fabric. This is a great all rounder for any project you can think of!

Next let's look at single ply yarns, the polar opposite of the above. These are lighlty spun as a single strand from the fibre, this can make the yarn weaker and more likely to pill and get a fuzzy halo after lots of wear. To combat this you can work it up tighter. Single ply yarns create cushy and soft items and a relaxed fabric. They love textured stitches such as moss stitch, this is where they can shine and these types of stitches can also help strengthen your fabric. This yarn is perfect for luxury cowls and shawls, they should be avoided for socks and high friction areas.

Now as for blends it is easy to get overwhelmed but a good superwash merino & nylon is a great base to start with. The nylon gives the yarn stretch and strength and as the merino has been superwash treated it is easy to care for, as it can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Merino is a soft wool with little itch to it. You may also see alot of BFL but many can find it irritating next to the skin. This is a versatile blend that lends itself well to clothing, socks, shawls and pretty much anything!

Finally, luxury blends! Cashmere, silk and sparkles. Sparkle gives very little in the sense of structure or texture but it gives of a wonderful glitter and can glitz up any item. Silk is sumptuous, soft and strong. It can be slippy but feels divine draped around you in a stunning shawl. Lastly Cashmere, this airy light wool gives warmth and super cush to any project. It is smooth and cosy, I dare you to not stroke this blend constantly, its so soft it is impossible!

Head over to the facebook group 'Bits & Hobs' and let me know your favourite blends!